Karah Cieni

A taciturn young man of 19 years. He likes to make himself useful by doing chores, but his notoriously bad luck often gets in the way, so he prefers to stay in the background.

His mother died in childbirth, and while the village head stepped in to help his father make the best of it, he can't help but feel responsible. It doesn't help that he's not the only one who feels that way.

He's hardworking, polite and soft-spoken, and he's the most proud of his ability to lift heavy things. His hair sticks up at the back like that naturally.

Se'en Katar

The eldest child of the head of the village at 20, and next in line for the title, when his mother is ready to transfer her responsibilities. While waiting for that day, he fulfills the duties of his family by granting the wishes of the townsfolk as the Goddess's proxy.

He feels his familial responsibilities heavily, and would much prefer to have a more carefree life with his sister Siresa and their friend Karah, but even if he didn't feel the pressure from his mother, his poor health and weak body prevents him from doing the things they like to do. He still takes every opportunity to spend time with Siresa and Karah, but he can usually do little more than sit and watch.

Siresa Katar

The younger Katar sibling, 16 years old. She was born without any of the family's gift for performing miracles, and many saw it as a dark omen, but her boundless energy and her parents' unconditional support has warmed the village's hearts towards her.

She prides herself on her physical capabilities, often challenging Karah to strength challenges, and helping the village's fisherfolk out on their boats with all sorts. She lives on stories of adventuring heroes from afar, and hopes to one day follow in their legendary footsteps.








Supporting cast

Firis Katar

Se'en and Siresa's mother, and the current mayor and village's spiritual leader. A stern but kind woman who regards her every neighbor as family.


Ardon Katar

Se'en and Siresa's father. Originally from further west, when he and his family came to Caru for business Firis courted him, and he stayed.


Airen Cieni

Karah's father. Still in mourning from the loss of his wife almost twenty years ago now. Takes poor care of himself.